Donors & Impact

"My experience at LOVE has helped me grow into a better version of myself. I entered the program as someone shy, timid, afraid, and I often lied about how I was feeling. Now I can express myself better and I am no longer the same person I used to be." - Keith, LOVE (Québec) Youth Participant

LOVE (Québec) is grateful for the tremendous generosity of our donors, partners and volunteers who help us continue growing to serve young people in need across Greater Montreal.

As we look forward to another 30 years of service to our youth, we invite you to join us in our goal to transform the lives of our future generations by fostering their emotional intelligence and creating leaders empowered to build safe and healthy communities of their own.

Life Long Impact

According to the 2018 “Hooked on School Days” survey conducted by the marketing firm Léger, high drop-out rates amongst youth in Quebec are attributed to key factors such as experiences of being bullied and insufficient social support. These are factors that cause tremendous pain in the lives of young people, whether emotional, physical, psychological, or social. At LOVE (Québec), we help youth build their confidence and resilience to overcome challenges, helping them to become inspirational community leaders.

Being at the forefront of supporting youth these 30 years, we have become increasingly aware of the impact our preventative approach has had on deterring negative behaviours. The testimonies and results from surveys and peer-reviewed research below are a testament to this fact.



alumni believe that LOVE (Québec) had a positive impact on their decision to stay in high school or pursue higher education


alumni completed their secondary education (compared with Quebec's provincial average of 64%)


alumni believe LOVE (Québec) helped them overcome obstacles in their lives by providing them with a safe space to open up, giving them confidence and the right skills to cope with difficulties, and offering them social support in a time of need

Annual Activity Report

In 2022-2023, our team of dedicated program coordinators reached over 2463 young people through our unique Media Arts, Leadership and Sexology and Sexual Education Programs, as well as our community outreach workshops, summer activities, and other events promoting safe spaces for youth development. Our impact was felt across Greater Montreal with 29 programs and 176 sexology workshops offered in schools across Montreal, online and at LOVE's head offices.

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