About Us

"In times where I don't feel comfortable to open up and be expressive, LOVE has always given me that opportunity to do so. I couldn't be more appreciative than that." - Samuel, 21, LOVE (Québec) Youth

Our Story

LOVE was founded in 1993 by Sheila (Twinkle) Rudberg. Following the death of her husband by a 14-year old boy, Twinkle came to see that the youth himself was a victim of violence. Inspired to end the cycle of violence in the lives of young people, Twinkle enlisted the support of passionate members of the Montreal community to spark LOVE's first flames.

What started as a small, grassroots, youth photojournalism project running out of the basement of Montreal's Dawson College soon blossomed into a well-established national program, warmly recognized by governments, schools, corporate and community organizations for the meaningful impact it was having on young people. LOVE currently runs programs across Canada in Quebec, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Photo: LOVE (Québec)’s Founder, Twinkle Rudberg (left), with Brenda Proulx, creator of LOVE’s first photojournalism program (right). Credit: George Liberman

Our Vision

To be a leader in building innovative and sustainable programs that promote the mental, emotional, and social health of youth.

Our Mission

Engage Youth. Build Bridges. Realize Potential.

Today's world is becoming increasingly difficult for young people to navigate. It is especially unforgiving for those who have suffered physical, mental or emotional challenges and various forms of discrimination.

LOVE supports youth to thrive through programs and healthy relationships that build emotional intelligence and help overcome the challenges they face. Our participants emerge from LOVE’s programs with greater resilience, heightened skills, and the confidence to be inspirational leaders.

Our Values

  • INNOVATION: We respond to the needs of our community through our unique, dynamic and adaptive approach.
  • GROWTH: We nurture the development of our youth and communities, and strive to increase our impact across Greater Montreal.
  • INCLUSIVENESS: We welcome and accept individuals of all backgrounds and build bridges between them.
  • RELIABILITY: We steward relationships and use evidence-based approaches to consistently uphold the quality of our work and the trust of our stakeholders.
  • TRANSPARENCY: We commit to clear, honest, and open communication, and are accountable to our youth, staff, donors and supporters.

Our Youth

LOVE (Québec)'s programs unite youth from diverse backgrounds and attempt to position themselves in areas with the greatest need. Our youth are all between the ages of 12 and 21 and have faced multiple social and systemic barriers. Many have suffered physical or emotional trauma, bullying, gang or substance-related violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination.

Over 70% of LOVE (Québec)'s youth have experienced bullying, violence, or discrimination either in their homes or in the wider community. Almost 30% were referred to LOVE (Québec) by a friend; 20% referred by social workers.

Our Programs

LOVE (Québec) offers over 30 innovative media-arts and leadership programs in 25 different schools throughout the Greater Montreal Region.

Click below to learn more about our programs and the schools in which we provide our services.

Our Founders

Twinkle Rudberg


Harry Hopmeyer

Our Board of Directors

Associate at Dentons Canada LLP

Isabel Valenta (Board Chair)

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Vice President, Strategy and Alternative Investments, iNFiNi-t Wealth Management Advisers Inc.

Mathieu Erard (Board Treasurer)

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Director of Global Community, Engineers Without Borders

Justin G. Murgai (Board Secretary)

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Sr. Manager, Solution Engineering (Canada), Salesforce

Lauren Burns

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President & Owner, Burovision

Alexandra Choquette

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Senior Product Manager at Aldo Group

Kate Cherry

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Advisor of Equity, Inclusion & Diversity at PSP Investments

Rachel Thorne

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Programs Advisory Committee

Social Worker, Newton Foundation

Satoko Ingram

Student & LOVE (Québec) Alumni

Selena Di-Filippo

Nurse, psychologist, clinical ethicist and founder and principal investigator for VOICE (i.e., Views On Interdisciplinary Childhood Ethics)

Dr. Franco A. Carnevale

Senior Product Manager at Aldo Group

Kate Cherry

Advisor of Equity, Inclusion & Diversity at PSP Investments

Rachel Thorne

Former IT Executive (SaaS and Customer Success)

Vanessa Cheong

Executive Director (LOVE Québec)

Robyn Dalton

Co-Director of Programs

Cedric Joseph

Marketing and Fundraising Committee

President and Owner at Burovision

Alexandra Choquette

Associate VP, Commercial Real Estate Broker at Colliers

Ashley Dere

Lawyer, Chair at LOVE Quebec

Isabel Valenta

Senior Product Manager at ALDO Group

Kate Cherry

Sales and Development Director at Burovision

Marie-Ève Grisé

Director of Philanthropic Development at Food Banks of Quebec

Véronique Beaulieu-Fowler

Executive Director (LOVE Quebec)

Robyn Dalton

Marketing and Communications Coordinator (LOVE Quebec)

Katherine Zhang

Our Staff

Executive Director

Robyn Dalton

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Co-Director of Programs

Audrey Brunette

Co-Director of Programs

Cedric Joseph

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Liezl Lee

Senior Program Coordinator

Oliver Zakhour

Program Coordinator

Veronique Gagné-Greffard

Program Coordinator

Maiya Olney

Program Coordinator

Isis Albert

Program Coordinator

Aymée Bray

Program Coordinator

Elio Rifaat

Program Coordinator

Holly Hayden Habib

Program Coordinator

Irène Seppey

Communications & Development Coordinator

Katherine Zhang

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