Here are some ways to fundraise

Fundraise for LOVE and take part in changing a young person’s life for the better. Scroll down to learn about the different ways you can fundraise for LOVE!

Here are some ways to get involved:

Fundraise for our 30th anniversary:

Be a part of LOVE’s history and future and help fundraise for us as part of our 30th anniversary celebrations by taking part in the $30 for 30 campaign!

Fundraise for LOVE Camp:

Fundraise for the LOVE Camp and help us send youth to live one of the best experiences of their lives!

Help youth thrive:

Fundraise for LOVE programs and take part in changing a young person's life for the better.

Create an online peer-to-peer fundraiser and raise funds for LOVE!

Online fundraiser

Fundraise for LOVE here!
Promote your product while raising funds for LOVE!

Product fundraiser

Host an event to fundraise for LOVE!

Event fundraiser

How to fundraise

Create an online fundraising campaign and invite your friends, family, and coworkers to donate to support you by donating to LOVE!

If you are a business, it is a great opportunity to promote a product as well through a product fundraiser, such as through the donation of a percentage of the product sales to LOVE. It creates a great incentive for consumers to shop your product, knowing that you support a great cause.

Event fundraisers are also a great option for individuals or businesses. A percentage of the proceeds from ticket sales can be donated to LOVE, allowing you to support an incredible cause while also fostering community support and bringing the cause to a greater audience at an event.

If you are interested in organizing a fundraiser with LOVE, contact us at with the subject title “I want to fundraise for LOVE”.


If you are a small business or organization and are looking to collaborate with LOVE on a project, send us a proposal at!

Past and ongoing fundraisers

RIRE 4 LIFE [Event fundraiser]

RIRE 4 LIFE is a comedy show boasting of Montreal’s comedy talents, in honor of all who have lost their lives to depression and suicide. The show will honor our loved ones, or ones that we have lost, through sentimental comedy by the best of the city. The event will take place on Saturday May 6th at L’Option Musique! The event is donating all proceeds to LOVE, an incredible act of kindness and generosity! In fact, one of the organizers is a previous LOVE youth, reminding us of the importance of the work we do in our communities.

MTELUS5 [Event fundraiser]

To celebrate MTELUS’ 5th anniversary, Telus Friendly Future Foundation hosted a concert in honor of the venue with some of Montreal’s greatest musical names. The lineup features a list of incredible Quebec-based and local artists such as Ariane Moffatt, Valaire, Fouki, and more. The concert highlights the diversity and talent of local artists – all for a great cause. They donated $5 for every person who attended to LOVE, raising a total of $10 000. We are immensely grateful for the support we have received and for the attendees, who turned their love for music into support for Montreal’s youth.

The event was in fact one of our youth’s first concert ever! We are so thankful to Telus Friendly Future Foundation for giving her that experience with LOVE.

AGENCE AURA [Product fundraiser]

Agence Aura generously donated the proceeds of the sale of their soap to LOVE, raising over $1000 for the organization at the height of the pandemic. We are immensely grateful for the fundraising initiative and we thank you all, 1000 times, for the support for our organization and more importantly, for our youth.

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