Presentation on anti-racism at John Rennie High School

As we celebrated Black History Month this year, we are proud to announce that LOVE’s very own co-director of programs Cedric spoke to over 300 students at John Rennie High School about anti-racism. LOVE has at the center of its mission to create a safe and inclusive environment for youth of all backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual and gender orientations, and it was an honor to speak to youth at JRHS about these increasingly relevant issues.

The event also created a safe space for students to speak up about their own experiences with racism and microaggressions and to brainstorm together about how to bring about positive change in their environment and communities. By creating a conversation around the topic and introducing the importance of inclusion to students at a young age, we are positive that these youth will become active agents of change in their communities.

We would like to thank John Rennie High School for hosting this event and for encouraging a conversation surrounding diversity and inclusion.