LOVE x Pride MTL 2023

LOVE never misses a chance to participate in the Montreal Pride Parade, an event that celebrates Montreal’s diversity and people from all walks of life. For LOVE’s youth, it is an opportunity for them to celebrate themselves and their identities surrounded by people they feel safe with. For many youth, this is their first Pride Parade since coming out, since finding a community at LOVE, or simply their first Pride Parade ever. It is an empowering experience for queer youth at LOVE who find confidence from marching, and LOVE is grateful to be part of that experience for the youth!

This year, we also had the chance to volunteer for the Parade, which allowed youth to put into practice the leadership skills they learn throughout programs. It allowed them to see the inside of an organization such as Pride MTL’s and the work it takes to organize an event on such a large scale!

Thank you to everyone who attended the march and the festivities at Pride this year, we hope to see you all next year too!