LOVE welcomes the Citoyens d’Aujourd’hui and the Explorateurs de l’Engagement from France

Recently, LOVE was visited by the Citoyens D’Aujourd’hui and Les Explorateurs de L’Engagement, a youth initiative from France! The Explorateurs de l’Engagement are a group of youth who travel the world and meet with youth initiatives and organizations to talk about youth engagement in their communities. They learn about different youth organizations across the world and then work on a booklet highlighting different approaches they have noticed in different countries! Together, we discussed LOVE’s mission, programs, and how we help youth become the leaders of tomorrow through our programs and activities.

We are so happy to have welcomed them at our new office where we had the opportunity to have an engaging conversation about the differences in practices between Canada and France,

Moreover, LOVE is glad to have connected with a youth initiative from France. Seeing so many young people eager to learn and be so engaged in their communities highlights the importance and necessity of our work, not just in Canada but across the world.

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