LOVE staff and youth speak about solitude with Noovo

LOVE was recently visited by Noovo at our offices during an afterschool program, during which staff and youth alike spoke with Noovo about the increasing sentiment of loneliness among youth. In recent years only, Quebec statistics have shown that 49% – almost half! – of young people face solitude often or sometimes. As part of our mission, LOVE aims to help youth overcome social isolation by creating connections in safe spaces and fostering healthy, open conversations.

We are so proud of our youth for bravely speaking up about their experiences with solitude, anxiety and how they overcome these difficulties. The different perspectives by LOVE youth and staff alike come to show that in fact, we are not alone. We are happy that LOVE can provide this safe space for youth to feel comfortable speaking up about their experiences while connecting with like-minded, supportive people.

To watch the whole news report, click here!

Once again, we want to extend our utmost gratitude to Noovo for this incredible opportunity and for offering LOVE youth a space to speak.