LOVE receives a donation from the young dancers at the Warrior Division Dance Studio!

LOVE is the lucky recipient of a donation made to us on behalf of the dancers of the Warrior Division Studio who participated in the REUNION dance competition! The REUNION dance competition is an annual event where dancers of all backgrounds gather to showcase their immense talent while giving back to their community. Their goal is to empower and elevate the many talented artists and performers in our community and beyond!

The winners of the competition not only win a money prize, but also receive double that amount as a donation to an organization of their choice. This incredible initiative not only highlights dance talents and performances but also brings to the forefront the importance of supporting local charities!

We want to thank REUNION and the dancers at the Warrior Division Studio for turning their love for dance into a way to give back to their communities! We are honored to have been chosen as the recipient of this great initiative and are so grateful that the young dancers thought of us as their chosen charity!

Photo credits: Hero image taken from REUNION's website