LOVE on the Radio: CBC Radio

LOVE’s executive director, Robyn, had the chance recently to speak to CBC Radio about the work that LOVE does and the importance of supporting our youth. We are thankful for the opportunity to speak with CBC and we are proud to be leaders in creating innovative programs that aim to help better youth mental health, especially in the day and age of technology and social media. We truly believe in the importance of starting a conversation around emotional intelligence.

As technology and social media grow more prevalent in ours, and our youth’s lives, there is no better time to bring to attention its impact. This time, Robyn spoke about the power of social media, good and bad, and how we use it at LOVE to spread positivity and to stay in contact with our youth, while also teaching them about boundaries and the dangers of the Internet.

We are extremely grateful for the community support we continue to receive and are proud of Robyn for all the work she does here, and beyond the office for LOVE! Click the link below to hear her discuss social media among youth in this technological era, emotional intelligence, youth mental and even more.

Click here to hear Robyn's segment on CBC Radio.