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Read LOVE's core programs and our workshops below!

Core Programs

Media Arts Program is a free after-school program offering youth aged 13-18 a chance to create through artistic mediums such as photography, film and writing. Youth use art as a way to explore anti-violence and social justice issues affecting them and their communities. The program operates in Vancouver, Surrey and Burnaby schools. LOVE provides food, bus tickets, media tools and art supplies.

Leadership Program
is a free after-school program for youth who wish to grow their leadership, facilitation and artistic skills. Youth leaders are provided with opportunities to facilitate workshops, lead discussions and participate in public speaking events. The program is open to graduates of the Media Arts Program and operates out of the Broadway Youth Resource Centre in Vancouver.

"I love the community that we build together and that we all grow together." -Paris, Leadership Program

Interested in LOVE’s Programs? Call us at our office at (604-709-5728) or email us (info-bc@loveorganization.ca), or find us on Facebook

Violence Prevention Workshops

We host hundreds of workshops annually that are specifically tailored for our partners. LOVE BC offers a number of workshop that address topics which can be delivered to people of all ages (scroll down to see potential examples). All of our workshops are developed using anti-oppression and anti-violence frameworks and incorporate arts-based activities as a tool for talking about various topics. To request a workshop or a Violence Prevention Committee, please fill in this form and we will get back to you within two weeks.

Workshop Themes/Topics Can Include:

Beyond Bullying

We’ll work on challenging our assumptions about other people and talk about what it means to treat others with respect and kindness. We’ll also discuss what bullying looks like, youth’s experiences with bullying, and how we can combat it.

Healthy Communication

We’ll talk about different forms of communication and what healthy communication looks like. Youth will have the opportunity to practice healthy communication through group activities.

Self-care and Setting Boundaries

We’ll discuss methods and strategies for self-care, and how we can meet our physical, mental, and emotional needs. We’ll also talk about boundary-setting and the importance of recognizing our own boundaries.

Media Literacy

We’ll talk about the positive and negative effects of social media, cyber-bullying, and how media impacts our lives. Youth will share their experiences with various types of media and discuss strategies for making social media a safer and more inclusive environment.

Anti-oppression and Inclusion

We’ll talk about the staircase of oppression; how to combat different “isms” and forms of oppression, such as racism, sexism, and homophobia. Youth will come up with strategies for creating a more inclusive and safe community for everyone.

Healthy Relationships

We’ll talk about healthy communication and boundary setting, and ask youth to discuss what healthy relationships look like. We’ll look at challenging scenarios which may arise in relationships and come up with ways to address them.


We’ll talk about what violence looks and feels like using the 5 senses and talk about instances where youth have seen or experienced violence. Youth will have the opportunity to practice various non-violent intervention strategies.

Youth Taking Action

We’ll talk about problems within our communities, what our ideal communities look like, and how youth can get involved in order to make their communities better. We’ll ask why it’s important for youth to speak up and get involved, what barriers exist that make this difficult, and how we can overcome those barriers.

Youth Engagement

We’ll discuss stereotypes and myths about youth and why youth engagement is important. We’ll address barriers to youth engagement, as well as come up with a model for what good youth engagement looks like.

Creative Facilitation Training

These workshops are for staff, volunteers and teams that are wanting to use creative facilitation in their fields. In these workshops we work on building creative confidence, finding our voices as mentors, sharing creative facilitation games and most importantly how to show up with care and sensitivity.

NEW! Social Justice Anti-Violence Workshops for Beginners

Are you new to social justice and activism? Check out our free, online workshop series on topics like anti-bullying, mental health, anti-racism, decolonization, and more. Workshops will include fun, creative activities and games in a casual, safer space.

Other Initiatives:

Art Drop-in happens every Monday from 4-6 pm at the Broadway Youth Resource Centre. Anybody aged 13-25 can join to explore a different art form every week.

Y-PINK (Young People Investing in Kindness) is a program where youth explore the root causes of bullying in their schools and communities. Youth then use art media and discussions to address and explore ways to solve this problem.