Announcing our New Look!

LOVE was founded in 1993 by Sheila (Twinkle) Rudberg who was inspired to end the cycle of violence in the lives of young people. Following the death of her husband by a 14-year old boy, Twinkle came to see that the youth himself was a victim of violence. While we continue our work with youth who have been victims, witnesses, or perpetrators of bullying, harassment, hate crimes, and violence in their homes, we have also seen our programs evolve to welcome young people who are struggling with their identity, emotional & mental well-being, social pressure, unemployment and uncertainty about their futures.

In response, we are delighted to mark our 25th anniversary with an update to our brand.

We are confident that our new brand image more accurately reflects the nature of our work and allows us to better embody our positive goal of building the resilience, skills, and support systems of our youth, to help them develop into strong, independent leaders ready to engage more fully in the world around them. Our values continue to be centered around building emotional intelligence in our youth as we strive to give them a voice and a platform for spreading positive messages in their communities.

We are immensely grateful for the support extended to us by the Canadian creative agency, lg2, and former member of LOVE (Québec)’s board, Caroline Losson, for their months of hard work to help us represent our growth and vision for the future

As we transition and fully launch our new brand, we invite you to visit our new website at, and welcome your feedback.