Louder than a Bomb

"...kids like us doing poetry and focusing on other things more healthier and better in getting out our anger and sadness instead of using violence or using harsh words like bullying people, I definitely think that poetry changed people." Jayda Marley 2018

Louder Than A Bomb (LTAB) Toronto is the newest offshoot of the world’s largest youth poetry festival and the only youth focused spoken word poetry festival in Toronto. LTAB engages young people in oral tradition, literacy, performance and creative self expression.

Brought to Toronto by LOVE (Ontario), Louder Than A Bomb is a movement that is elevating the voices of youth and ensuring their meaningful participation in Toronto’s educational, arts and cultural communities.

Louder than a Bomb Toronto - 2019


Saturday, 11 May, 2019 |

7 - 9 PM

427 Bloor St. W., Trinity St. Paul's Performance Venue


Individuals and corporations alike are invited to partner on one of Toronto’s most exciting cultural events. Your sponsorship means that over 500 young people will have access to high calibre artist-led workshops, learn the performance and literacy skills, share authentic stories and build confidence and compassion.

As partners, we commit to providing a sponsorship experience that fits your philanthropic and marketing interests.

We will work together to design the right opportunity for you!

Still feeling the love from tonight, I can’t wait to rejoin my team next year! Thank you everyone at LTAB for giving me a place to share my story and so much love for my team for supporting me. This has been an amazing experience - Inanna, grade 11, West End Alternative