About Us

"LOVE is my safe place. LOVE gives me a place to deal with my issues, they offer me lots of supports." Youth Leader, 16

Our Story

LOVE was founded in 1993 by Sheila (Twinkle) Rudberg. Following the death of her husband by a 14-year old boy, Twinkle came to see that the youth himself was a victim of violence. Inspired to end the cycle of violence in the lives of young people, Twinkle enlisted the support of members of the Montreal community to spark LOVE's first flames.

What started as a small, grassroots, youth photojournalism project soon blossomed into a well-established national program, warmly recognized by governments, schools, corporate and community organizations for the meaningful impact it was having on young people. LOVE currently runs programs across Canada in Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Quebec.

Photo: LOVE (Québec)’s Founder, Twinkle Rudberg (left), with Brenda Proulx, creator of LOVE’s first photojournalism program (right). Credit: George Liberman

Our Mission

Empowering youth to thrive

Today's world is increasingly difficult for young people to navigate. It is especially unforgiving for those who have suffered physical, mental or emotional challenges and various forms of discrimination.

For 25 years, LOVE has empowered youth to thrive, changing the trajectory of their lives through innovative arts & media-based programs that give them the emotional intelligence to overcome the challenges they face. Our programs help to create inspirational community leaders and give youth a voice to prove that love is greater than anything.

Our Youth

LOVE (Ontario)'s programs unite youth from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Our youth are between the ages of 13 and 19 and have faced multiple social and systemic barriers.

Our Programs

LOVE (Ontario) offers 12+ innovative arts and leadership programs in 18 different schools and neighbourhoods throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

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Our Board of Directors


Harriet Velazquez

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Amy Feldman

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Past Chair

Mike Diamond

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Boris Lyssenko

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Board Member

Leila Ross

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Board Member

Lori Litman

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Board Member

Catalina Chaux-Echeverri

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Board Member

Adam Waltman

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Board Member

Kimberley Gadwah

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Board Member

Reena Kronitz

Board Member

Shevone Lazarus

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Our Staff

Executive Director

Tamara Haberman

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Program Manager

Cassandra Myers

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Assistant Program Coordinator

Atheer Alhulwah

Operations Administrator

Sandra Deziel

Assistant Project Manager

Rhina Dominguez-Masis

Media Arts Facilitator

Aden Abebe

Youth Worker

Hirah Safi

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