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LOVE BC continues to grow in demand because of its youth-driven nature that allows the organization to identify specific issues, topics and skills that youth want to focus on. LOVE BC evolves as our youth environment and consciousness does.

LOVE was founded in 1993 by Sheila (Twinkle) Rudberg who was inspired to end the cycle of violence in the lives of youth. Following the death of her husband by a 14-year old boy, Twinkle came to see that the youth himself was a victim of violence.

What started as a small, grassroots, youth photojournalism project running out of the basement of Montreal's Dawson College soon blossomed into a well-established program, warmly recognized for the meaningful impact it was having on young people, with programs offered in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Youth at LOVE

Youth at LOVE are creative, skilled individuals. In the face of multiple social and systemic barriers, they build their confidence through sharing their experiences and use their voices to inspire change in their communities.

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Our Board of Directors – LOVE (BC)

Heather Stoutenburg

Lyla Hunter

Pej Mahlooji

Jessica Allen

Tracy Rawa

Gagan Diesh

Elaine Zitner

Stevie Nguyen

Laura Froese

Paris (Youth Rep)

Cadyn (Youth Rep)

Our Staff – LOVE (BC)

Executive Director

Lambrini Soulos

Program Manager

Da Eun Chung

Program Facilitator and BEATS Magazine Creative Coordinator

Golsa Golestaneh

Program Facilitator

Tanvi Bhatia

Photography Facilitator

Marcey Amaya

Alumni Co-Facilitator

Kat Gilliatt

Office Coordinator

Omar Chu

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Nova Scotia

2171 Gottingen Street, Suite 205

Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 3B5

(902) 429-6616


3130 Bathurst St., #202

Toronto, Ontario M6A 2A1


Quebec - French

400, Saint-Jacques, suite #300

Montréal, QC H2Y 1S1


Quebec - English

400 Saint-Jacques Street, #300

Montreal, QC H2Y 1S1